Find our about our roster below

Jensen Theory

The Superstar Prince is a former VCW World Champion and appeared on ITV1 & BBC1

Anthony Storm

He is the anti-hero and current VCW world champion.

Eli Kai

ElI is out to show what he can do in VCW.

Saxon Pike

Saxon has arrived and he's here to make an impact!

Ash Slade

Ash is here to win and he also part of the faction BTB

James Cena

Has wrestled for promotions including GBWA. He's a former VCW world champion.

Karl Atlas

Karl has an impressive career in wrestling and runs Hex Pro Wrestling.

Old School Outlaws

This tag team is here to make an impact and have appeared at several promotions.

Ryan Hendricks

The vegan king has wrestled for promotions across the country.

JD Rollings

JD is one of our youngest stars on the roster and is part of the faction Deadly Legacy.


The Gladiator Samson is the current VCW International Champion.

Jonny Boy

Former Quality Anytime champion and one half of the tag team The Storm Boyz.

The Thrash Hearts

This incredible duo are ready to take on the VCW tag team division

Carlos Chaotico

Hes entertaining, hes unique, hes Carlos Chaotico!

Kora Moon

Kora Moon is from Kent and and is looking for success!