Training with Karl Atlas

Hex Pro Wrestling present this special 90-minute training session with wrestling veteran Karl Atlas.

Karl has had a decorated career in wrestling and is a former UPW Heavyweight Champion and multi time tag team champion in several promotions across the UK. 

This session will include cover:

* some of wrestlings fundamentals/ basics

* Spot and sequence building

* Selling and feeding for opponents and more.

The session is suitable for anyone who is already training as a wrestler or for those who want to give it a go for the first time. 

The training will take place in six-sided ring.

Details: Takes place at Eastney Community Centre on 15th June  2024 and starts at 3.30pm. There will only be a limited number of spaces available and participants must ensure they are a suitable fitness level.

Costs £20pp and will include tickets to the VCW Retribution show which takes place after this training session. Those at a suitable level may be selected to take part in the Battle Royal at VCW Retribution.

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We returned in September 2023 for Honour and Glory in Portsmouth. This time we raised money for a local mental health charity. Stars including Samson and Karl Atlas battled it out in a six-sided ring.

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VCW returns in 2024 with Retribution in Portchester on February 17th. The show will raise money for a local animal welfare charity. Stars include James Cena and Anthony Storm will wrestle.

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